Types of UK Visas: Which is Right for You?

The UK is a popular tourist destination and a desirable place for settling down. Whether you are planning to come to the UK for work, studies, or pleasure, you’ll need a visa to enter the country. The team of highly experienced UK immigration lawyers at Wembley Solicitors has put together this guide to different UK visa types for you. Keep

How to Chase a Delayed UK Visa Application?

It is extremely irritating when the Home Office processes an immigration or visa application more slowly than specified on its website. Delays in the processing of immigration and visa requests can sabotage trip plans, prolong uncertainty, and put applicants through hardship by prohibiting them from working in the country or visiting their family and friends.

On-Road Legal Responsibilities of a Motorcyclist in the UK

With the jam-packed London traffic and frequent tube delays, a bike or a motorbike is a very convenient way to get around the city. However, with the latter being motorised, motorcycle accidents are far more dangerous for all road users. That’s why every UK motorcyclist has on-road legal responsibilities to comply with.   At Wembley Solicitors,

UK Visas: 3 Types You Should Know

Every year, the UK welcomes millions of foreign nationals as visitors. London, in particular, is a popular holiday destination for tourists. If you’re looking to settle in the UK or enter for a specific purpose, you might be better suited for a work visa or a student visa. If you want to visit the UK, you have a

How Can a Lawyer Help With My Car Accident Claim?

Thousands of people suffer injuries every day as a result of careless driving accidents. An estimated 127,967 automobile accidents in the UK result in injuries of all severity levels. If this happens to you, you need to know your legal alternatives for recovering compensation for your damages.

Can A Separation Help Save Your Marriage?

Have you ever considered that your relationship with your spouse would benefit from a temporary separation? Some troubled couples consent to a trial/temporary separation in the hopes that some time apart may enable them to reconcile more positively and healthily. Or, if they’re thinking of divorcing, they believe a trial/temporary separation will allow them to

Can Child Support Be Extended into College?

When parents get divorced or legally separated, the non-custodial parent becomes responsible for providing child support to meet the child’s basic necessities. The confusion about child support for college-going children is one subject that commonly comes up. As a result, many parents worry if child support may be used to cover the cost of college

A Guide to Protecting Your Brand through IP Laws

Stealing someone’s idea is as much of a crime as stealing a tangible asset. Since ideas in the business world can be worth large sums of money, it’s no small crime. Not only are you safeguarded from intellectual property (IP) theft, but you’re also entitled to financial settlements if somebody uses your original ideas.