If your business relies on the sponsorship of overseas workers, the suspension or revocation of a sponsor licence by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) can have serious detrimental consequences. UKVI may decide to take this type of action where a business is not compliant with its sponsorship duties and responsibilities. It is essential to act quickly if your sponsor licence has been downgraded, suspended or revoked. By taking urgent action with the support of a specialist immigration Solicitor, you can ensure the continuity of your right to sponsor overseas staff.

At Wembley Solicitors, we understand the commercial importance of retaining and maintaining compliance with your sponsor licence. If a sponsor licence is downgraded, suspended or revoked, not only will this prevent the sponsor from hiring more overseas staff, it may result in the existing sponsored staff having their leave curtailed. If leave is curtailed, any sponsored staff will be required to leave the country within 60 days, or make alternative immigration arrangements.

Our sponsor licence Solicitors have assisted many businesses, schools, and universities to overturn a decision by UKVI to downgrade, suspend or revoke their sponsor licence. Our sponsor licence service ensures that our valued business clients avoid the likelihood of a compliance breach in the first place. This is because by carrying out periodic mock audits, we can spot any gaps in your compliance and recommend how these can be resolved. Where a sponsor licence is at risk, our knowledge of the compliance process and how to meet the UKVI requirements means that we can have it restored for you in the shortest possible time.

Who we serve

Wembley Solicitors’ sponsor licence Solicitors serves UK based businesses, multi-nationals, and overseas businesses with a presence (or trying to establish a presence) in the UK, including in London, Middlesex, Wembley and the surrounding areas. No matter the scale of your business or your sector, we can assist if your sponsor licence is at risk. We also support schools, universities and other educational establishments threatened with the loss of a sponsor licence. Many of our valued clients retain our services, allowing us to ensure their ongoing UKVI sponsorship compliance and deal with any sponsor licence problems.

What we do

Wembley Solicitors’ immigration law department handles the revocation, downgrading, or suspension of sponsor licences, keeping any disruption or interruption to an minimum. Our team of sponsor licence specialists can:

  • Ensure your ongoing sponsorship compliance
  • Carry out periodic mock audits of your sponsorship compliance
  • Deal with UKVI to restore your A-rating
  • Deal with UKVI to overturn a decision to suspend your licence
  • Deal with UKVI to reinstate your sponsor licence

Regardless of the complexity or urgency of your sponsor licence matter, our immigration law Solicitors can represent you.

As a full-service law firm, we can also advise and represent you regarding any other legal matter including in the areas of litigation, commercial property, and criminal law.

Our immigration law ethos

At Wembley Solicitors, service is everything. When it comes to sponsor licence revocation, suspension, or downgrades, you can be assured that our immigration Solicitors will take full control of the matter and act quickly to find a resolution. Given the risk posed by the loss of a sponsor licence, we will always prioritise the restoration of your ability to sponsor overseas staff.

Sponsor licence application FAQs

If UKVI have concerns regarding your compliance, they may temporarily suspend your licence while they carry out further investigations. Suspension may happen, for example, if UKVI think you are not keeping the correct records, hiring overseas staff for genuine vacancies, or not meeting your reporting obligations. Having a suspended sponsor licence means you will not be able to sponsor new staff while the investigation is ongoing, but you can continue to employ your sponsored staff.

At the end of the investigation process, UKVI will either:

  • reinstate your licence (i.e. give you back your full licence and you can continue to sponsor overseas workers)
  • downgrade your licence
  • revoke your licence

If your sponsor licence is downgraded from an A-rating to a B-rating, you will still be unable to issue new Certificates of Sponsorship. You will need to follow the action plan given to you by UKVI to resolve the problems they have identified (typically within three months). If you can demonstrate that you have completed all of the tasks on the action plan to their satisfaction, it may be upgraded and you can continue to issue new Certificates of Sponsorship.

If UKVI have serious concerns regarding your sponsor licence compliance, it may be revoked. If a sponsor licence is revoked, not only will the business be unable to sponsor new staff, any existing sponsored staff will have their leave curtailed. This means they will have 60 days to leave the country or apply for a different type of visa. The affected business will not be able to reapply for a new sponsor licence until the end of a cooling off period of 12 months. Unfortunately, there is no right of appeal but it may be possible to apply for a judicial review if the decision can be shown to have been unlawful. In some cases it may be possible to have the revocation withdrawn by fully cooperating with UKVI and taking the correct course of action. Where applicable, our specialist sponsor licence Solicitors understand the steps necessary to have a sponsor licence revocation withdrawn and can help your business achieve this outcome.

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