The sexual offence is a unique and complex area of criminal law. Whether a person has been accused or is connected with a sexual offence allegation, they usually have to deal with publicity and social stigma. The case itself involves heightened emotions, extreme perspectives, and complicated life-changing decisions.

What is a sexual offence?

The term 'sexual offence' encompasses a wide array of offences that are sexual in nature and have been committed without the consent of the victim or a minor.

These include:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Child sex offences
  • Voyeurism and exposure
  • Sexual exploitation offences
  • Sex offences involving an abuse of a position of trust
  • Sexual activity without consent
  • Possession and distribution of indecent images

Before a person is charged with a sexual offence, the police must be absolutely clear about the type of offence they are accusing the defendant of. The Sexual Offence Act 2003 defines most sexual offences and includes the consolidated legislation required for prosecution in case of an offence.

Sexual offences & consent

Consent is the central and most difficult issue when it comes to sexual offence allegations. It can be quite tricky to prove or disprove consent. In cases where there is a reasonable belief that a complainant consented, a sexual offence will not have been committed.

However, the defendant must provide all circumstantial facts and enough evidence to prove that consent was given.

Defending a sexual offence charge

Finding the police at your doorstep and asking you to come in for a possible sexual offence allegation can be quite a shock. The first thing that the accused must do is get the reliable and experienced legal representation that can help them through the following stages:

The police interview - An initial police interview is conducted in most sexual offence cases. The police question the accused and give them a chance to get their point across and provide reasonable evidence of innocence.

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Sexual offences impact people where they are most vulnerable – their private lives. Most people don't have the experience or expertise required to navigate the complex criminal justice system and deal with the sensitive aspects of the case.

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