A child dependant visa allows an overseas child under the age of 18 to join their parent or legal guardian who is living in the United Kingdom.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is a child dependant visa UK?
  2. How to apply for a child dependant visa from outside the UK?
  3. What are the requirements for a UK child dependant visa?
  4. UK child dependant visa document checklist
  5. UK child dependant visa processing time 2024
  6. How can an immigration lawyer help with your child's visa application?
  7. UK child dependant visa lawyer fees
  8. Need legal advice & assistance?

What is a child dependant visa UK?

A child dependant visa is a type of UK family visa that grants permission to children who are not British citizens and who do not have the right to live in the UK to join their parents or legal guardians who are living and settled or have limited leave to remain in the UK. This visa is typically granted for the same duration as the parent's or legal guardian's visa.

How to apply for a child dependant visa from outside the UK?

To apply for a child dependant visa from outside the UK, you will need to follow these general steps:

  • Determine eligibility: Review the eligibility requirements to ensure that both you and your child meet the criteria for the visa category. This includes having a parent or legal guardian who is eligible to sponsor the child's visa application.
  • Gather necessary documents: Collect all the required documents to support your child's visa application.
  • Complete the online application: Visit the official UK government website and complete the online visa application form. Provide accurate and up-to-date information as required. Double-check all the details before submitting the application.
  • Pay the visa fees: Pay the applicable visa fees online as per the instructions provided during the application process. The fees can vary depending on factors such as your location and the length of the visa.
  • Schedule a biometric appointment: Depending on your location, you may need to provide biometric data (fingerprints and photographs) at a visa application centre. Schedule an appointment and attend the appointment with your child.
  • Submit the application and supporting documents: Once you have completed the online application and collected the necessary documents, submit them to the designated visa application centre or embassy. Make sure to include your child's biometric confirmation receipt (if applicable) and any other required paperwork.
  • Wait for the decision: The processing time for visa applications can vary. You should receive notification regarding the visa decision, either by email or through the mode of communication chosen during the application process. Keep in mind that this processing time can be subject to change and may vary based on the location from where you are applying.

It is important to note that the application process and specific requirements can vary depending on your country of residence and individual circumstances. It is advisable to seek professional guidance from an immigration solicitor to ensure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate information for your specific situation.

What are the requirements for a UK child dependant visa?

To apply for a child dependant visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

If you’re under 18

One of your parents must be applying or have applied for a visa or to extend their permission to stay as a:

  • partner - and the partner they’re joining is your other parent
  • parent - and they have sole parental responsibility for you

Eligibility requirements

  • The child should be under the age of 18.
  • The child must not be married or in a civil partnership.
  • The child must not be living an independent life, i.e., they should be financially dependent on their parents or legal guardians.
  • There should be adequate arrangements for the child's care and accommodation in the UK.
  • The child's parent(s) or guardian(s) should have the ability to financially support the child without claiming public funds.
  • The child should not have any serious criminal convictions.

If you’re 18 or over

Your parent can include you in their application as a dependant, or you can apply separately yourself.

You can only apply if you have permission to stay in the UK (‘leave to remain’) on a family visa which started when you were under 18.

You must meet all other eligibility requirements depending on your circumstances. Feel free to ask a question to our expert immigration solicitor regarding your Child visa application.

UK child dependant visa document checklist

When applying for a child dependant visa, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Valid passport: The child's passport must be valid for the entire duration of their intended stay in the UK.
  • Birth certificate: A copy of the child's birth certificate, clearly stating the names of the child's parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • Parental consent: A letter of consent from the child's parent(s) or legal guardian(s), permitting the child to travel and live in the UK.
  • Financial documents: Evidence to demonstrate that the child's parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have sufficient funds to support the child during their stay in the UK. This can include bank statements, employment letters, or any other relevant financial documents.
  • Accommodation details: Documentation proving that suitable accommodation is available for the child in the UK. This can be in the form of a lease agreement, property ownership documents, or a letter of invitation from the host in the UK.
  • Additional documents: Any other relevant documents that may support the application, such as evidence of family ties, educational documents, etc.

You may need to provide additional supporting documents depending on your circumstances.

UK child dependant visa processing time 2024

If you apply for a child dependant visa from outside the UK using a standard service, you’ll usually get a decision within 24 weeks. However, you may be eligible to use the “priority service” to get a faster decision.

How can an immigration lawyer help with your child's visa application?

Our expert team of UK immigration solicitors and lawyers will be able to assist you with any type of UK Family visa or immigration application.

Immigration solicitors at Wembley Solicitors will:

  • Provide detailed immigration advice.
  • Assess your personal circumstances and eligibility for a UK Family visa.
  • Assess the eligibility of your sponsor.
  • Explain the entire UK Family visa application process.
  • Give you a completed checklist of documents according to the type of visa application and your circumstances.
  • Check all the supporting documents to ensure that they are sufficient and in the correct format.
  • Fill out the complete application form and prepare detailed representations/cover letters for the Home Office UKVI in reference to the Immigration Rules.
  • Book an appointment for you to enrol your biometrics.
  • Upload all the supporting documents.
  • Liaise with the Home Office UKVI throughout the process until we receive the decision.
  • Keep you updated with every stage of your application.

Contact our UK Family visa solicitors in Wembley, London on 020 3417 3700 or fill in the enquiry form for immediate legal advice & assistance with your UK visa application.

UK child dependant visa lawyer fees

Our fixed-fee immigration solicitors charge a fixed fee in the region of £800 to £1000 (excluding VAT) for complete legal services for the UK child dependant visa application.

We provide expert advice, practical assistance, and professional representation to guide you through the application and decision-making process, from start to finish. 

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