If your UK Fiance visa application has been refused and you think the Fiance visa refusal is unlawful, then you may be able to appeal against the decision.

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What is a Fiance visa UK?

A fiancé or fiancée visa permits you to enter the UK to marry your British fiancé(e) within a six-month validity period of the UK Fiance visa. On Fiance via, you can marry a British citizen or a person with UK-settled status.

What are the reasons for the UK Fiance visa application refusal?

There could be several reasons for the refusal of a UK Fiance visa application. Some common reasons include:

  1. Insufficient financial evidence
  2. Lack of genuine relationship
  3. English language proficiency
  4. Incomplete or incorrect documentation
  5. Immigration history
  6. Criminal record
  7. Health Concerns

Insufficient financial evidence

If the applicant or their sponsor does not provide enough evidence to demonstrate that they can financially support themselves or their partner in the UK, the application may be refused.

To meet the financial requirements of a UK Fiance visa application, your partner must have an income of at least £29,000 gross per year. You need to meet this income threshold requirement if you want to settle in the UK within 5 years.

Lack of genuine relationship

If the Home Office suspect that the relationship between the applicant and their partner is not genuine, they may refuse the visa. They may look for evidence of a genuine and long-standing relationship, such as shared photos, communication records, or joint financial responsibilities.

You and your partner must have met in person, and you need to provide strong evidence to prove that your relationship with your partner is genuine & subsisting.

English language proficiency

Depending on the type of visa, you may be required to demonstrate a certain level of English language proficiency, and failure to do so can result in refusal.

Incomplete or incorrect documentation

Failing to provide the required supporting documents or submitting incomplete, inaccurate, or forged documents can lead to a visa refusal. It is essential to provide all the necessary supporting documents and ensure they are accurate and up to date.

Immigration history

If the applicant has a history of visa refusals, overstaying in the UK, or previous breaches of immigration rules, it may impact their Fiance Visa application.

Criminal record

If you have a criminal record, especially for serious offences, it may lead to a visa refusal. The UK authorities take the character and criminal history of applicants into account.

Health Concerns

If you have a contagious disease that poses a public health risk or if you cannot demonstrate that you have comprehensive health insurance, your Fiance visa application may be refused.

There are high chances of getting a visa refusal if you are not fully aware of relevant immigration law(s) and eligibility criteria. You should get legal advice from experienced immigration solicitors to boost your chances of success.

UK Fiance visa appeal process

You need to check your decision letter whether you have a right to appeal or not. You can only appeal to the tribunal if you have the legal right to appeal.

The first step will be to complete an appeal form and lodge an appeal within 28 days of receiving your decision.

If your appeal is refused, then you can challenge the decision by the way of Judicial Review (JR).

Judicial Review (JR)

Judicial Review is a court process to challenge the lawfulness of a decision if there was an error of law in the making of the decision or a mistake made by the caseworker.

There are several stages involved in the Judicial Review process. Our immigration solicitors will guide you on every step of the appeal process and provide legal advice & assistance with Pre-Action Protocol and Judicial Review.

UK Fiance visa appeal timeline

You will have 28 days to appeal against the refusal of your Fiance visa application. If you apply after the deadline, you must explain why - the tribunal will decide if it can still hear your appeal.

How long does a UK Fiance visa appeal process take?

The UK Fiance visa appeal process usually takes between 6 and 12 months depending on the complexity of the matter and the current workload of the Courts.

How can we help if a Fiance visa application has been refused?

Our London-based team of highly experienced immigration solicitors have a very high success rate with a proven track record of successfully appealing against the unlawful decisions made by the Home Office UKVI.

Our immigration solicitors will review your visa refusal letter and discuss the reasons for the refusal in detail.

  • We will assess the merits of the case and advise you about on what grounds you can appeal.
  • We will prepare grounds of appeal and detailed witness statements.
  • We will advise about the required supporting documents.
  • We will give you realistic, honest advice about the chances of success.
  • We will advise the court procedures and the appeal processing time.
  • We will advise you about the legal costs involved.
  • We will carry out all the legal work until the decision of your appeal is received from the court.

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