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Eligibility requirements

People who meet the following requirements can apply for this visa:

  • Visiting the UK for vacation or visit their friends and family
  • Visiting the UK for business or to partake in creative or sports events
  • Visiting the UK to receive medical treatment
  • Live outside of the European Economic Area or Switzerland
  • Show they are leaving the country after the visit
  • Show they are able to support themselves and their dependents who have come along with them to the UK
  • Show they are able to pay to return to their country, continue their vacation elsewhere, and show any costs related to their visit
  • Show evidence of any business or activity they intend to participate in while in the UK

Business-related visit

People visiting the country on business can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa if they will be participating in the following, but are not limited to, activities:

  • Attending a conference, training, or meeting in the UK
  • Participating in a certain sports-related activity
  • Are an entertainer, artist, or musician, visiting the country to perform
  • Are an academic, conducting research or joining students part of a study abroad programme
  • Are a dentist or a doctor, visiting the country to take a observer or a clinical position
  • Want to sit for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination or the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test
  • Want to acquire funding to begin, take over, join, or head a business in the country

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Business-Related Visit

People can:

  • Participate in the business-related activities mentioned above
  • They can study in the UK for a month or thirty days on condition that it is not the primary reason for their visit
  • Participate in an educational visit or an exchange program if they are under eighteen
  • Change their civil partnership into a marriage

People cannot:

  • Perform unpaid or paid work
  • Reside in the UK for longer duration through recurrent visits
  • Receive public funding
  • Marry or register a civil partnership or provide a notice of civil partnership or marriage

Long-term visit visa

People applying to obtain a long-term visit visa must prove:

  • Recurrent and continuing need to visit the UK
  • Reason for their visit is not likely to change while their Standard Visitor Visa is still valid
  • The plan to leave the country towards the end of every visit

Academic visit visa

People applying to obtain an academic visit must remain in the UK for one year or twelve months. They must prove their qualification level within their field, on a sabbatical leave from their educational institution, and are visiting one of the following below:

  • Participating in a formal exchange with a counterpart in the UK
  • Carrying out their own academic research
  • Participating in another person’s research, clinical practice, or teaching on condition that they are not taking a permanent teaching position in the UK

Private medical treatment visa

People applying to obtain a private medical treatment visa must prove:

  • Have a medical illnesses that requires treatment in the UK or private consultation
  • Have paid or made arrangements for a consultation or medical treatment
  • Have sufficient money to support themselves without claiming public funds, pay for their medical treatment, return or go onwards to another country
  • They will leave the country once their treatment ends or when the visa expires
  • They are not putting the health of others at risk in the event they are diagnosed with an infectious disease

Organ donor visa

People applying to obtain an organ donor visa can only donate their organs to:

  • Family members who they are genetically related to such as a parent or a sibling
  • Spouse or friends they share a close bond with

Applicants must prove that the person they are donating an organ to live in the UK legally.

Required documents

People need to provide the following documents:

  • Valid passport or travel identification
  • Proof they can support themselves while in the UK such as bank statements or salary slips from the last six months

For the organ donor, medical treatment, business, and long-term visit visa, applicants may be asked to provide additional documents with their application.

Additional information to provide

People may need to provide the following information when submitting their Standard Visitor Visa application:

  • Dates they plan to visit the UK
  • Details of where they will stay while in the UK
  • The estimated cost of the trip
  • Their current home address and the duration they have resided there
  • The names and DOB of their parents
  • The amount they earn each year
  • Travel history details for the past ten years
  • Address and phone number of their employer
  • Partner’s name, DOB, and passport number
  • Name and address of the person paying for their trip, if applicable
  • Name, passport number, and address of family members residing in the UK
  • Details of immigration or civil or criminal offences they committed in the past

Visa extension

People may be able to apply for a visa extension if the total duration they spend in the country was less than half a year or six months. People on medical treatment visit to the UK can apply to extend their visa for an additional six months if they have paid for their treatment, can continue paying for their treatment, and continue to meet the visa requirements.

In addition to this, they also need a NHS consultant or a medical practitioner registered in the UK to provide them with following information:

  • Evidence of arrangements for their treatment or medical consultation
  • Letter, stating the duration of their treatment
  • Details on the progress of their treatment, if started already 

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